Cavo USB4 G3 05M
Cavo USB4 G3 05M
Cavo USB4 G3 05M
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Cavo USB4 G3 05M
Cavo USB4 G3 05M

Cavo USB4 G3 05M

Adcom Cable

USB4 G3 cable 40 GBPS 100W (20V / 5A) 8K 30HZ MT 0,5 - LKCC4305 -
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USB4 G3 cable with data transmission up to 40 GBPS and current up to 100 Watts (20 Volt 5 Ampere), supports 8K 30HZ video
Cable to connect external USB devices (with USB-C® socket, for example tablet or smartphone) with another USB device with USB-C® port (for example PC, notebook, charger) for data exchange, and charging.
It allows a transmission of current up to very high levels (20 Volt - 5 Ampere) and therefore allows a very fast recharge for all smartphones and notebooks.
The USB4 GEN3 standard allows this cable a large data transmission capacity, up to 40 GBPS, which also makes it suitable for the transmission of high resolution audio video files, up to 8K 30Hz, as well as a very fast data transmission capacity.
It is therefore suitable for all devices with a USB-C port, from the simplest to the most recent, and will remain suitable for future models as well.
Considering that a normal media USB-C cable can transmit a current of 5 Volts - 3 Amps, this cable is significantly more powerful, and can power a range of devices from simple smartphones to notebooks, all at maximum speed.
The chip inside the cable allows it to communicate with the predisposed power adapters, and vary the current according to needs. Then it will modulate the current, and if your smartphone can only draw a certain current, it will transmit that to it, avoiding waste and overheating.

Backward compatible with previous standards.
USB4 G3 standard
With coaxial cable + Chipset.
Doubling the bandwidth to extend performance.
Allows simultaneous transmission of multiple data and display protocols.
Multiple data and video protocols efficiently share the total bandwidth available on the bus.
Optimize the video data stream.
Supports charging of devices up to 20 Volts - 5 Amps (100 Watts)
Connection 1: USB-C® male Connection 2: USB-C® male Conductor cross section AWG22 / 28
Wire material: copper
Cable color: Black
Connectors color: Black