Secure payment

Buy online safely


We will send you communications during the management of your order with news of acceptance of the order, its status, shipping and other important information with the possibility of contacting us online via email and social media. However, consider these simple tips to stay relaxed:

Never respond to suspicious emails, tweets or posts with your personal or financial information.

Any legitimate emails from Adcom will always come from [email protected], and we will always redirect you to

Never enter your password after following a link in an email or chat you don't trust. It is best to go directly to the site using a bookmark.

Keep your online security software updated. This will help alert you to any risks, protecting you and your computer.



Check-out and payments


Payment by Credit/Debit Cards: We accept most major credit and debit cards through our payment gateway Axerve and Stripe which use 3D secure system for added security (Mastercard SecureCode / Verified by Visa).

We never store your card details on our site or on our systems (PCI DSS certified).


Fraud prevention

We reserve the right to require additional identification on any order placed by credit card and to refuse orders that are not considered secure.
Please refer to the Adcom Fraud Protection Policy below. For security reasons, payments by telephone calling card are not permitted.

Payment by bank transfer:
you can choose to make the payment by bank transfer and for this bank access details are provided.
If you use the same banking group, the transaction is almost immediate compared to the exchange between different banking groups which normally requires a day for credit.

Payment on delivery: upon delivery to the office it is possible to pay in cash up to the sum of €2999.00 due to the limitations imposed by our policy.

Call us with any questions and to arrange a secure online payment for your order.



Shipping updates from Africa Broadcast Store

Once you place an order, you will be kept updated. We will send you a series of emails and/or SMS updates to let you know what stage your order is at, or we may contact you by telephone to arrange delivery.

Below you will find a detailed breakdown of how we will contact you. You will be contacted directly by us or by the courier who will deliver your goods.


Confirmation email

This email confirms that we have your order and will begin processing it shortly.


Shipping email

This email confirms that your package has left our warehouse.


Purchase and collect "Ready for collection" emails and SMS.

If you have chosen to use our Buy and Collect service, we will send you an email and/or SMS to let you know that your items are waiting to be collected in store.


Ratings and reviews emails

Two weeks after receiving your order (and provided you have not returned it) we will invite you to review the items you have purchased, to share your experience with our products with other buyers.


Third party updates

The couriers we use are not always the same, but they are expected to send a shipping email.


This email confirms that your package has been collected by the courier and will often arrive shortly after the Africa Broadcast Store dispatch email.



You will be informed on the day your package leaves with the courier on its way to your home.

Phone call

Where necessary, you may receive a phone call from the courier to arrange delivery of the ordered product(s).



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