Quick Connect v2

Quick Connect v2

Ready Rig

Quick Connect v2 (Black)
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The Ready Rig Quick Connect v2 replaces and improves upon the DJI Ready Rig Quick Connect.
As you probably know DJI discontinued manufacturing the DJI Ready Rig Quick Connects. This is good for you, your customers, and Ready Rig since we're now able to improve the original design and make a more reliable product.
Ready Rig Quick Connect v2 will allow your customers to easily attach any Ready Rig system to popular gimbals such as the Ronin RS3, Ronin 2, or Movi Pro.
The design features a quick-release latch that connects to the center of a gimbal ring, enabling customers to have precise camera control and lowering their setup time significantly.
We highly recommend bundling this product with our main kits to increase customer satisfaction and boost your sales.
The Quick Connect v2 is a must-have for any professional filmmaker or videographer looking to improve their setup efficiency and take their camera control to the next level.

Lighter, Faster and more reliable
Ready Rig Quick Connect v2 is major improvement over the old design
We comprely redesigned the system to be lighter, faster to use, and more reliable o2
The new quick connect design allows operators to get in and out of the system in seconds

Hook up and operate quickly
The Ready Rig Quick Connects v2 connect your Ready Rig to your gimbal ring, allowing for effortless free tilt and precise camera control
The quick-release design allows the Ready Rig to be easily and securely connected within seconds
Disconnecting is just as easy

Monitor and Accessory Mounting
Each Quick Connect comes with 1/4" and 3/8" Arri standard threaded holes for monitor and accessory mounting

Our new Quick Connects are compatible with every 30mm and 25mm gimbal ring on the market, including Ronin 2, Movi Pro, and Tilta Rings for the DJI RS3
Compatible with Ready Rig GS Standard, Ready Rig GS + ProArm and Ready Rig VEGA
1/4" & 3/8" monitor and accessory mounts
Machined Aerospace Aluminum and high spec engineering Delrin construction.
Simple and reliable design
Quickly and securely connect and disconnect within seconds.
Precise and effortless tilt control
Color: Black

2 x Quick Connect v2 Body
2 x Quick Connect Straps
4 x 25mm step-down spacers