NOCTIVID 8X42 nero - 40384

NOCTIVID 8X42 nero - 40384


Leica NOCTIVID 8X42 black (40384) binoculars
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In summary:
Images characterized by incredible three-dimensionality and plasticity thanks to the large pupillary aperture and perfect contrast management
Comfortable and pleasant viewing thanks to the 8x magnification
Ergonomic and lightweight construction for long observation sessions without fatigue
Natural rendering thanks to superior color correction
Great viewing angle both on short and long distances

Over 100 years of experience in optical design for microscopes, cameras and binoculars culminates with the production of the Leica Noctivid. Noctivid binoculars are characterized by compact dimensions, elegant finish and extreme robustness; thanks to a refined ergonomics the Noctivid sets a new standard of comfort and usability. The heart of the Noctivid project is, however, located in the optical and mechanical sector where all the most modern technologies are combined to reach a new peak of excellence: SCHOTT HT glass with high transmission and a construction with microscopic tolerances allow for a comfortable vision, sharp and contrasted in all light conditions. The binocular body is designed to withstand the harshest conditions; thanks to the titanium-reinforced and rubber-coated shell to absorb any type of shock or impact and the anti-corrosion finish for the exposed metal parts, the Noctivid is ready for any test.

Binoculars, shaped shoulder strap, caps, Cordura bag