YellowTec YT5165 iXm Lighting SD Card Reader


YellowTec YT5165 iXm Lighting SD Card Reader

✓  Safely transfer recording files from your SD Card to iOS devices
✓  Color: black
✓  Simplify the data transfer of your recorded audio files
✓  Take out the SD Card from your iXm + insert it into the Reader
✓  Use the Lightning connector to access your iOS device + transfer files
✓  Dimensions: 132 x 31mm  |  Weight: 7g
✓  Compatible with any standard SD Card
✓  Compatible with any iOS device
✓  Alternatively use a USB-C SD Card Reader for Android devices


Use the Lightning SD Card Reader to safely transfer your recorded audio files from your SD Card to your iOS device. The reader guarantees safe and easy data transfer of your recording files directly to your mobile device. Feel free to edit your recorded files with your favored app and share it via mobil device

Simply record your interviews or podcasts to SD Card, e.g. with your iXm Recording Mic or iXm Podcaster. Afterwards insert the SD Card into the SD Card Reader and connect the Lightning connector with your Apple iOS device.

Additional Information
Weight 0.07 kg
Dimensions 13.2 × 0.31 cm