YellowTec YT5051 iXm PRO Head


  • Designed as an all-rounder for most recording environments
  • Dynamic capsule made by Yellowtec
  • Manages complex acoustic environments
  • Optimized frequency response curve for excellent speech capture/ intelligibility
  • Warm sound
  • Slight bass boost in near-field

Yellowtec iXm PRO Head Cardioid

Yellowtec’s iXm PRO Microphone Head with cardioid pattern is designed to imbue your recordings in quiet environments a unique ambience. It suits best for discussions and talks in conference rooms and voice recordings in your own office or other quiet surroundings. The cardioid head atmospherically expands a room’s ambient sound.

As a dynamic microphone capsule, the head is characterized by its sound converter components’ ruggedness, especially at high sound pressure levels. Its recording pattern is less sensitive in higher frequency ranges compared to an electret microphone head. In comparison, the dynamic head’s sluggish membrane leads to different sounding recording results.

   Dynamic microphone capsule

  Pickup pattern: Cardioid

   Developed for recordings in quiet environments

   Optimized frequency response curve for excellent speech capture

   Warm sound

   Slight bass boost in near-field

   Twist-Off-Twist-On (TOTO) interchangeable mic heads allow for flexibility in the matter of pickup pattern

   Shock-mount isolation efficiently protects your recording from handheld noise

   Perfect audio levels at the push of a button

   Amazing recordings even under stressful conditions

   Whether wisper or cry, you will always enjoy a perfect audio level

   Sturdy metal construction

   Color: Black

   Matching Yellowtec iXm Windscreen is available


   TOTO’s auto-sensing detects the type of attached mic head and automatically adapts the DSP to the right parameters

   Sensitivity: 2.9mV/Pa +/- 4dB

   Impedance: 300 Ohm +/- 30%

Additional Information
Weight 0.15 kg
Dimensions 8 × 5.3 × 0.15 cm