YellowTec PUC2 Mic LEA


YellowTec PUC2 Mic LEA with SPDIF I/O and analog Line I/O on D-Type for real-time audio processing including wall-charger.


Depending on your preference you can achieve perfect levels without the need to interact by using the installed LEA presets. Otherwise, you benefit from a wide range of controls to set individual preferences. PUC2 Mic LEA comes with a software for PC and Mac to do so.

  • High-definition USB Audio Interface
  • Perfect choice for any voice recording made by journalists, commentators and radio hosts
  • Integrates the iXm Recording Mic’s real-time LEA Level Energy Arbitration into an audio interface
  • Perfectly leveled recordings without time-consuming post-processing
  • Optionally set individual preferences within the included PUC2 Software
  • Perfect audio levels no matter the surroundings or ambient noise
  • LEA Level Energy Arbitration excels without creating any artifacts or common pumping noise
  • Plug’n’play concept allows for fast handling
  • Stream two channels of mic recordings via USB*
  • Alternatively use it as a stand-alone A/D converter
  • Delivers highest available audio standards
  • Zero-latency for your microphone signals
  • Allows for zero-latency monitoring
  • Sturdy aluminum unibody serves as a conductor and heat sink
Additional Information
Weight 0.76 kg
Dimensions 19.5 × 13.5 × 6.5 cm