Intellimix PRO Desktop Mixer


Intellimix PRO Desktop Mixer
1x Base Unit + 1x Control Unit
8 simultaneous channels displayed in 2 layers
includes YT2305 X64 AoIP Module as standard
2 Program Buses, 4 Aux Buses, 4 Mix Minus Buses
Dynamics: fully adjustable
EQ: fully parametric
Admin Mode available
unlimited amount of user profiles


The Intellimix Pro Dektop Mixer is designed as a full-blown 8-channel mixer with advanced AoIP connectivity as standard, extended I/Os and settings. It is designed as a mixing device to master every imaginale and complex 8-channel mixing task. Thanks to remote control options, admin mode and an unlimited ampunt of user profiles, Intellimix Pro is the ideal desktop mixer for shared workplaces. As standard, it offers connectivity to run multichannel AES67, Livewire+, RAVENNA, NMOS and ST2110.

The Intellimix Desktop Mixer stands for a whole new kind of mixing experience. It consists of two units. All the inputs and outputs are to be found on the Intellimix’s 19″ Base Unit while the Intellimix Control Unit is the place where the multitouch widescreen display and all the other operating elements are located. Thanks to the latest Intellimix Pro Octopus 8-channel firmware upgrade, Intellimix gets you control over another four inputs. All you need is one simple push on your Intellimix Control Unit’s rotary control to switch between the sources 1-4 and 5-8.

The basic elements of the Intellimix Control Unit are its four G-Touch© fader, the multitouch widescreen display and a rotary control. As a whole new fader technology, the G-Touch© fader combines all the existing fader types’ benefits in a whole new way. Receive an enormous responsiveness and physical orientation when sliding your fingers trough the molded groove. Make use of the option to preset fader positions and enjoy different fader modes as well as various LED bargraph indication options.

The Intellimix Base Unit is where the audio-processing takes place. Headphone and microphone inputs are directly accessible on its front side. All the other in- and outputs are located on the Base Unit’s rear side. In contrast to Intellimix Focus, Intellimix Pro comes with built-in X64 AoIP solution. As series, it offers you connectivity to AES67, Livewire, Dante, RAVENNA, NMOS and SMPTE ST2110.



   Red Dot Product Design Award Winner

   Intuitive control over a wide feature set

   4 all-new G-Touch© faders with LED bargraphs

   Choice of various fader modes

   4 uncluttered channel display sections belonging to one channel each

   1 master display section for overall settings and volume control

   Sealed push buttons and a robust rotary control for tactile feedback

   Intellimix Octopus Firmware gets you control over up to 8 input sources

   Up to 8 simultaneous channels are displayed in 2 layers

   Every Channel Display shows 4 parameters of your choice (“Fab Four”)

   Built-in X64 AoIP solution to connect via AES67, Livewire+. Dante, RAVENNA, NMOS and SMPTE ST2110

   AoIP on board: Built-in DANTE 4×4 technology

   Integrated 16-channel version of Yellowtec’s PUC2 USB Audio Interface   

   APC-Interfaces allow for multiple extensions like SDI Embedder/De-Embedder

   3 of the APC-Ports can be used for optional Intellimix Pro Extensions

   SD-Card Slot

   Dynamics: fully adjustable

   EQ: fully parametric

   User Administration: Admin Mode available

   Unlimited amount of user profiles

   Compatible with Yellowtec’s b-line Phone System

   Connect a b-line unit and control calls directly via the Intellimix Control Unit




   Dimensions: 24,5cm x 24,5cm

   Mic/Line Inputs: 2 – balanced, with selectable sensitivity -77dBu…+18dBu

   Display: Light hi-res color TFT transreflective widescreen with 250Cd/m2

   Displaysensor: Gesture ready 5-finder touch sensor

   Faders: 4x G-Touch® 120mm faders with multifunctional position

   Channels: 8x (Intellimix Octopus), displayed in 2 layers

   Channel Display Control: 4 parameter of your choice are displayed (“Fab Four”)

   Keys: 12x illuminated sealed hard keys

   Chassis: Solid aluminum desktop cabinet with SD-Card reader



   Dimensions: 19″


Inputs (channelcount in mono):

   Mic/Line Inputs:  2 – XLR, balanced, with selectable sensitivity -77dBu…+18dBu

   Line Inputs analog:  2 – XLR, balanced, max. +24dBu

   Line Inputs analog:  2 – RCA, unbalanced, max. +18dBu

   Line Inputs digital:  3 – AES3/EBU with sample rate converters

    ADAT-S/PDIF:  1 – selectable ADAT8-channel input or S/PDIF stereo input

    USB:  1 – multichannel PUC 16 mono/8 stereo inouts with SRC

   AoIP (DANTE):  1 – RJ45 4 mono inputs


Outputs (channelcount in mono):

   Line Outputs analog:  4 – XLR, balanced, max. 24dBu

   Line Outputs analog:  2 – RCA, unbalanced, max. 24dBu

   Headphones:  2 – Stereo

   Line Output digital:  3 – AES3/EBU with sample rate converters

   ADAT-S/PDIF:  1 – selectable ADAT 8-channel output or S/PDIF stereo output

   USB:  1 – multichannel PUC 16 mono/8 stereo outputs

   AoIP (DANTE):  1 – RJ45 mono outputs


Other (channelcount in mono):

   GPIO/GPO’s:  2 – GPI an optcoupler + 4 – GPO from PhotoMOS relay

   APC Extension-Ports:  4 – RJ45 powered Ethernet for audio, power, control (1 for Control Unit, 3 for optional extensions)


Options (channelcount in mono):

   Internal Extension Slot:  1 – for other AoIP standards (Livewire, AES67)

   External Slot: 2 – for MADI

   Program Buses: 2

   Aux Buses: 4

   Mix Minus Buses: 4 – including 2 with b-line controls

   Dynamics: fully adjustable

   EQ: fully parametric

   User Administration: Admin Mode available

   Unlimited amount of user profiles



   Intellimix Pro Base Unit incl. built-in X64 AoIP

   Intellimix Pro Control Unit

   Permanently installed cable to connect both units

   Yellowtec microfiber cloth

   Power supply unit

   Optional self-adhesive rubber feet

   Intellimix Briefing Book

Additional Information
Weight 4.5 kg
Dimensions 54.5 × 31.5 × 17.5 cm