TV/DAB+/HDRadio/WEB Digital Audio Processor 5 bands. 1RU. Loudness Control
ITU-1770. Analog, digital AES and streaming I/O. SD slot to store files for audio backup.
LCD display.

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  • l-in-one 5 Bands Audio Processor with Loudness Control and Change Over/Silence Detector.
  • 15/20 kHz processing allows Falcon to feed TV or digital audio broadcasting such as DAB, HD Radio, Sirius XM and Web Radio.
  • Fully customizable top class Audio processing tools with 5 bands compression control, adjustable Drive and Threshold, Dual AGC, 3 Bands Equalization (Low, Mid and High frequency), Stereo Enhancer, Voice Detector and Brightness Control.
  • Mono Sound Phase Control gives a more natural and pleasant sound to the human voices. The final limiter enhances the sound presence
  • More than 240 Factory Presets + 20 User Presets allow to tailor at best your channel.
  • Loudness control: EBU R 128 and ITU-R BS.1770-4 recommendations for digital and analogue audio outputs.
  • Fully configurable Audio Changeover/Silence Detector to switch over four out of the Analog, Digital, MPX, IP, AoIP, DanteTM (optional) and Build In Player inputs.
  • The hardware bypass circuit guarantees audio presence and programs continuity.
  • Full range of outputs: : one analog, two digital audio (over XLR connectors), two Optional DanteTM and one IP streams.
  • Falcon can integrate with existing infrastructure via Ethernet port, two RS-232 serial ports, two USB ports and six GPI ports with optical coupler and four relays.
  • A LAN port and a built-in Web Server to control & configure the processor from any device and tune audio from anywhere also using the IP streams I/O.
  • Falcon Logs every second on the external microSD card the value/status of 8 out of 88 internal parameters for 1 year (at the end of the period oldest data will be overwritten). The user can choose the 8 parameters to be logged and can select a time lapse among the logging to exported the data on a CSV file for any analysis.
  • Falcon processors are equipped with a universal 90-260 V AC power supply, working at 50 or 60 Hz, ready to be used in every country around the world. Thanks to the low power consumption (max 15 W) Falcon is also a green equipment.
  • Falcon 1 Rack Unit robust design is sustained by the extensive use of steel and aluminum. Falcon appliances are immune to strong electro-magnetic fields and are suitable to be installed in extreme climate environments.
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Weight 3.5 kg
Dimensions 485 × 44 × 240 cm